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Agap2 Technology Services (ATS) presents its clients with a new brand and a distinct way of designing and creating technology.


Agap2 Technology Services (ATS) presents its clients with a new brand and a distinct way of designing and creating technology. Our vision is clear: we want to be your trusted partner and first choice to face your challenges. Proximity, transparency and collaboration are our answers to the complexity of today’s constantly changing world. We ensure technological innovation, process agility and continuity of your business and infrastructure. ATS has over 13 years of experience in the digital world and is a result of a mature, growing company with a strong position in the IT world.

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Agap”2” ONE partner for all your ICT

Today's organisations want to be agile, to be known for the innovation of their processes and experiences and, above all, to be close to their clients at all times. To achieve this, it is imperative that its Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems are always available, with minimal complexity and for a competitive budget. This is why today we are seeing more and more companies choose to outsource most of their IT departments. This crucial decision must be to select a partner who is capable to handle all the challenges and layers of its information systems.


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Digital transformation is necessary for all organisations in order to be successful, including in Public Administrations. In this case, more information needs to be easily accessible and understandable for everyone, preferably as transparent as possible, in order to maintain and strengthen their image. A fresh face in combination with these elements, are therefore standards for the digital transformations these organizations go through. Open Source development is one of the solutions to this challenge and the methods and technologies implemented are Web 2.0 compliant, such as Mobile First, HTML5 and CSS3.

One of the experiences Agap2 has in this sector was with a partner which manufactured motors. The consultant was part of the production department and supported an existing project. He was in charge of the daily follow up of the production, process optimization and several industrialization projects.

Mobile applications today have real-time connection with cloud services. Such applications provide, for example, simulations of actual competitions on mobile phones and desktops, which can be used by any subscriber. These simulations can be used to provide a competitive edge on real sports for many professional athletes on a daily basis. Even less professional athletes are currently using these applications in order to measure and improve their performance. Our .NET developers have made these innovations possible by implementing Microsoft technologies such as Azure Cloud services.

Agap2 supported one of its engineering partners in the water treatment sector. Our consultant contributed to the design and project management of the construction of a new water treatment plant in the Netherlands. Our consultant was in charge of the process design and writing the operation manuals to the training of operators, until the commissioning of the plant.


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